Reggies serves as a space for both students and the community at large to hold events. If you are interested in hosting an event, please take the time to fill out the booking form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Contact Information

Which Concordia University group or association is requesting this event?

Who is the primary contact person?

Please note that the primary contact person must stay sober during the event.

Event Description

Please note that we do not accept bookings on Thursdays after 4pm.
All events must end no later than 2AM.
The maximum capacity of Reggies is 326 people, including staff.
Please note that Reggies cannot close for private events, and must remain open to other patrons.
Weekend events must last a minimum of 4 hours for a fee of $200, and an additional $50 for every subsequent hour.

The primary contact person must meet with Reggies' manager before 3pm on the Friday prior to the event. No orders can be changed 72 hours before the event. A cheque must be given to the person in charge at the start of the event. Gratuity and taxes are included in the price.

Please include as much information as possible.

Technical Needs

Please note that based on your technical needs, we may require the use of our sound technician, which will be at your expense. Clients are strictly forbidden from operating the sound equipment of the bar.

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Safer Space Policy

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During events, no outside food will be permitted inside Reggies. After submitting this form, please allow 72 hours to receive a response from the Reggies manager.